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Vesper V-Playstation Walnut


Regular price $ 59.99

Give your feline friend her very own playground with Vesper V-Playstation Cat Furniture! This 17.32-inch piece serves as a play area and a learning tool all at once. Place it in various positions for variety and encourage your cat to climb, scratch, bat or just relax. Every Vesper V-Playstation Cat Furniture comes with a seagrass post and sisal mat that purr-vide an excellent scratching outlet, a rattan ball toy that’s paw-fect for batting and bunny kicking and a memory-foam cushion for when your BFF is ready for a cat nap./p

  • You can place the play furniture in various positions to keep your cat interested.
  • Crafted with high-quality fiberboard (MDF) for durability and features a beautiful walnut finish.
  • The seagrass post and sisal mat allow your cat to sharpen her claws freely while the memory-foam cushion offers a comfortable place to rest.
  • Includes a rattan ball toy that dangles to tempt your feline friend and encourage play.
  • Easy to clean and designed with individually replaceable parts.