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Shed Magic Large Med/Long Hair

Coastal Safari

Regular price $ 24.99

Put an end to the frustration of excessive shedding with the Safari® by Coastal® Shed Magic® De-Shedding Tool, specially crafted for dogs with medium to long hair. This grooming brush is your go-to solution for tackling loose dog hair, persistent mats, and bothersome tangles, all while ensuring your furry companion's skin remains irritation-free. Thanks to its gentle stainless steel blades, the brush effortlessly glides through your dog's coat without any pulling, making grooming sessions a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for your pet. Designed with both effectiveness and user comfort in mind, the tool features a textured handle that not only ensures a firm grip but also provides maximum control during grooming. Specifically tailored for medium to long-coated breeds like Shepherds, Akitas, and Collies, the Safari® by Coastal® Shed Magic® De-Shedding Tool simplifies the process of maintaining a healthy and stunning coat, ensuring both you and your dog are delighted with the results.

Key Benefits
  • Keeps your dog and home clean by removing excess hair.
  • Easily removes stubborn mats and tangles for a beautiful, healthy coat.
  • Specifically designed for dogs with medium to long coat lengths.
  • Comfort-grip handle provides a secure grip.
  • Stainless steel blades gently remove hair for comfortable grooming.