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Rubber Cat Brush

Coastal Safari

Regular price $ 7.99

For cats with a smooth coat, this rubber curry brush provides a relaxing massage while it removes dust, dirt, and loose undercoat from the healthy fur. It is dual-sided with different lengths of teeth on each side to accommodate cats with short or medium-length coats.


  • Rubber curry brush attracts dirt, dust, and shed undercoat, helping to keep your furniture clean.
  • Use regularly to control shedding and prevent your cat from ingesting hair while they self-groom to prevent hairballs. If your cat is unfamiliar with brushing, start slowing and focus on making this time rewarding for your cat.
  • Soft rubberized tips offer a relaxing massage that stimulates healthy circulation.
  • Dual-sided brush has longer teeth on one side for a deeper massage or to accommodate a longer coat.
  • Suitable for cats with a short to medium-length coat.
  • Use on a wet or dry coat