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Open Farm Cat Topper Salmon Can 3.17 oz

Open Farm

Regular price $ 1.99

Our Salmon & Cod fish topper is an irresistible addition to your cat’s diet, thanks to the 95% fresh Icelandic & MSC & ASC certified fish and a silky mousse texture that your cat will crave! Our toppers are made in a human grade facility with 100% human grade ingredients.

Ingredients: Salmon, Potato Starch, Natural Flavor

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only Add 1 tablespoon as a topper on your cat’s current food. This pairs perfect on top of our Open Farm kibble.

Antibiotic and hormone free with water kept consistently fresh to naturally keep fish healthy
Plenty of space to roam–lower stocking densities allow each fish ample space
Short duration transport and humane processing