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OC Raw Frozen Pumpkin Rox 2 lb

OC Raw

Regular price $ 9.99

The frozen Pumpkin Rox were designed with the intention of a digestive aid.  Using whole ground pumpkin versus the canned pumpkin you may see in some retailers to aid in the digestion and transitioning from one food to another.  Pumpkin has the unique ability to firm up stools that may be too loose in addition to help move ‘things’ along with the stools may be too firm.
  • Made with GMO free pumpkins grown locally
  • Mixes easily into any food to aid digestion
  • Convenient and cost effective
  • Supports a healthy digestive system with high fiber content
  • Contains vitamin A to help support vision health
  • Contains vitamin C to boost immune system

ONLY ONE Ingredient:   Whole raw ground Pumpkin with seeds.