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Intersand Odorlock Unscented Cat Litter 25 lb


Regular price $ 19.99

Intersand’s OdorLock is a premium clumping mineral litter that is 100% natural, incorporating a unique and patented cat litter technology that prevents the formation of ammonia. This technology activates on contact with urine to neutralize odor for 40 days.

  • OdorLock mineral litter is produced from high-quality clay that is 100% pure and natural, ultra-absorbent and offers extra-hard clumping for maximum efficiency without compromise
  • Intersand’s OdorLock is a premium, dust-free clumping litter with patented technology that activates on contact with urine to neutralize odors for 40 days
  • OdorLock can absorb up to six times its weight in liquid and lasts longer than traditional clay litters, reducing annual usage and cost