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Instinct Cat Toy Rowdy Ribbons


Regular price $ 14.99

Instincts by SmartyKat® Rowdy Ribbons™ releases your cat’s inner instincts with erratically spinning ribbons and feathers on a wobbly ball toy. Mimicking the erratic motions of prey, your cat will be stalking, swatting, and chasing Rowdy Ribbons™ around the house, turning playtime into exercise time! Releasing your cat’s inner instincts with kinder and safer “prey.”

Key Benefits
  • ACTIVATE PLAYTIME: With a wobbly rolly ball complete with spinning feathers and ribbons, that keep spinning even after being swatted down
  • ATTRACTS CATS: Quietly spinning rustling feathers and ribbons will pause motion like prey playing dead or being stunned, enticing cats to investigate
  • BATTERY POWERED: Ready to play, comes with 4 pre-installed replaceable LR44 batteries; requires screwdriver to replace batteries
  • MAXIMIZE BATTERY LIFE: Easy on/off switch, turn off after use to help batteries last longer and reduce battery waste
  • GREAT FOR EXERCISE: Releases your cat’s inner instincts with kinder “prey,” getting them up and on the move, stalking twirling feathers and ribbons
  • DIMENSIONS: 1.85″L x 1.81″W x 7.49″H