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Instinct Cat Toy Mouser Mayhem 2 pk.


Regular price $ 7.99

Instincts by SmartyKat® Mouser Mayhem™ set of 2 releases your cat’s inner instincts with HappyNip® catnip and silvervine-shaped mice. HappyNip®, our proprietary blend of catnip and silvervine, is an extra-exciting natural cat attractant. Cats who don’t react to catnip alone will have a reaction to HappyNip®, making it the perfect blend to entertain your little hunter. Encouraging your cat to frolic, romp, and play!

Key Benefits
  • LESS MESS: HappyNip sparks the fun, and gives your cat all the excitement of loose leaf HappyNip catnip and silvervine with less mess
  • MENTALLY STIMULATING: Most cats respond to HappyNip with a burst of playful energy, followed by a purrfectly blissful calm and relaxation
  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVITY: Durable and natural knotted jute cord tails and felt ears for swatting; fun mouse shape great for pouncing
  • INDEPENDENT PLAY: Fun and stimulating solo play, giving your cat an outlet for their natural hunting instincts with kinder “prey”
  • JOIN THE FUN: By dangling Mayhem Mouser by its jute tail for your cat to leap and swat
  • VALUE PACKED: Comes with two compressed mice, great for a multi-cat household, or a great way to spoil your favorite feline friend
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.25″L x 1.25″W x 1.25″H