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Instinct Cat Toy Fin Frenzy Kicker

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Product description

Instincts by SmartyKat® Fin Frenzy™ Plush Fish Kicker Cat Toy releases your cat’s inner instincts with crinkle, feathers, felt, and soft plush to tempt feline paws and mimic the thrill of the hunt. Containing HappyNip®, our proprietary natural extra-exciting blend of catnip and silvervine to drive cats wild. Satisfy your cat’s natural instincts with safer and kinder “prey.”

Key Benefits
  • DESIGNED FOR ACTIVITY: Fin Frenzy’s extra-large size is perfect for kicking, wrestling, and cuddling with enticing feathers, felt, and faux fur for swatting
  • ATTRACTS CATS: With fluttery feathers, irresistible crinkle sound that mimics prey rustling in bushes, and HappyNip catnip and silvervine, a natural cat attractant
  • MORE POTENT THAN CATNIP: Silvervine has a strong natural effect on cats; even affecting cats who don’t usually respond to catnip alone, making it ideal for cats who need a little extra excitement
  • MENTALLY STIMULATING: HappyNip encourages your cat to frolic, romp, and play; most cats respond to HappyNip with a burst of playful energy, followed by a purrfectly blissful calm and relaxation
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Lightly squeeze the toy to release active ingredients of catnip and silvervine before gifting it to your cat or to reignite your cat’s interest after numerous rounds of play
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.25″L x 2.50″W x 2.62″H
  • ECO ADVANTAGES: Fluffy fiberfill made from recycled plastic, helping to keep plastic waste out of landfills
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Instinct Cat Toy Fin Frenzy Kicker

$ 9.99 USD

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