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Catit Grass Planter


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From time to time, cats feel a natural urge to chew on plants but many common houseplants and flowers are toxic to cats. Cat grass is a healthy and cat-friendly alternative. Our Catit Senses Grass Planter is specially designed to grow your own cat grass in favorable conditions. It has a flexible mat, stable base, deep bowl and grid cover. The planter also comes with a set of seeds and vermiculite.

Cat grass helps stimulate digestion and reduce hairball build-up. Due to their daily grooming practices, your cat most likely swallows a lot of hair. If not correctly expelled, the cat fur can create a build-up of hair and digestive fluids within their stomach.

Plants, more specifically grass, are a natural source of fiber, a nutrient known for stimulating digestion. Since cats can’t digest large amounts of grass, they easily throw it back up. Cat grass from our Catit Senses Grass Planter not only gets those digestive juices flowing but also helps to cough up hairballs and clear your cat’s stomach in the process.

The Catit Senses Grass Planter includes a mixture of barley and wheat seeds, along with a bag of vermiculite for water and nutrient absorption. Vermiculite is less messy to work with than soil, keeping your hands, house and cat clean while sowing. The Catit grass planter bowl has drainage holes to help prevent overwatering and root rot. Its design is exactly deep enough to hold the right amount of vermiculite for optimal results.