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Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Coastal Safari

Regular price $ 16.99

The Safari® by Coastal® Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is designed to make grooming your cat easy and efficient. It features a unique self-cleaning mechanism that allows you to remove hair from the brush's pins with the push of a button. This convenient feature simplifies the cleaning process and keeps the brush ready for use. The brush is equipped with soft and gentle stainless steel pins that provide a comfortable grooming experience for your cat. Regular use of this brush helps prevent hairballs and enhances the natural shine and beauty of your cat's coat. It also reduces shedding, which contributes to a healthier and cleaner environment for both your cat and your home. Incorporate this self-cleaning slicker brush into your grooming routine to maintain your cat's coat in top condition.


Stainless Steel. Great for Short Hair. Great for Long Hair. Self-Cleaning.


Reduces shedding for cats with all coat types. Ideal for everyday use.