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Cat Brush Massage

Coastal Safari

Regular price $ 8.99

Indulge your feline friend with the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Massage Brush, a versatile grooming tool that promises both pampering and practicality. This brush is tailor-made for cat owners looking to provide their pets with the ultimate grooming experience. Its soft, rounded brush tips excel at removing dirt and debris from your cat's coat, all while delivering a soothing and indulgent massage sensation. The brush offers two distinct modes of use. For a quick clean, employ short, brisk strokes to effectively remove dirt and debris. Alternatively, opt for long, gentle strokes to not only smooth your cat's coat but also treat them to a relaxing skin massage. With the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Massage Brush, you can ensure that grooming is a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your beloved feline companion, making it a win-win tool for both you and your cat.


Excellent pre-grooming tool. For all types of cat coats.