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Cable Tie Out 10 ft.


Regular price $ 13.99

Say goodbye to worries about your small-to-medium breed dog pulling a Houdini and escaping from the yard with the Titan® Medium Cable Dog Tie Out. This reliable tie-out is specially designed for dogs up to 50 lbs., offering superior strength that ensures your furry friend won't be able to break free. With the Titan® Medium Cable Dog Tie Out, you can rest easy knowing your beloved pet can safely enjoy the outdoors without any escape attempts. Prioritize your dog's safety and well-being during playtime and outdoor adventures with this sturdy and secure cable tie out. Trust in the durability and effectiveness of this tie-out to keep your pet safe and sound during their outdoor excursions.

  • Provides dogs the freedom to roam while also keeping them safe
  • Durable hardware is rust-resistant and ideal for everyday use
  • For use with dogs up to 50 lbs.
  • Available in multiple lengths to suit any-sized yard
  • Specialized forging process that ensures superior strength, backed by Coastal Pet's Quality Guarantee