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Bristle Brush Small

Coastal Safari

Regular price $ 7.99

Introducing the Safari® by Coastal® Bristle Dog Brush, a specialized grooming tool crafted to meticulously cleanse and enhance the luster of your dog's coat. For dogs with short coats, use swift and concise strokes, adjusting the angle of the brush to effectively eliminate dirt and debris from their fur. Elevate the natural radiance of their coat with smooth, elongated strokes that span from the head to the tail and along the legs, facilitating the even distribution of natural oils and bestowing a brilliant shine. It is imperative to maintain the direction of the brush in alignment with the growth pattern of the hair. With the Safari® by Coastal® Bristle Dog Brush, you're equipped with the perfect instrument to nurture your dog's coat to its full splendor, contributing to their overall well-being.

Key Benefits
  • Bristles distribute natural oils evenly throughout coat for healthy, shiny hair.
  • Great for all breeds and coat types.
  • Ideal for households with multiple pets.
  • Removes dirt and debris to maintain a clean coat.
  • Gentle but effective grooming with soft bristles.