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Brew-Yahs Spent Grain Treats Trial Size

Bare Bites

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With Brew-Yahs! you can provide a wholesome snack for your up while preventing spent grains from being sent to the trash. Spent grain is a byproduct of the beer brewing process. During the brewing process, sugars are extracted from grain. The “spent” grain is then skimmed out and typically thrown away. But wait – spent grain is totally safe for consumption. The spent grains is sourced from a local brewery and create delicious treats for your beast! Think of it as an awesome way to help the environment, spoil your pooch, and feel good about doing both. Cheers!

Product Benefits:

Made using Spent Grains
Made & Packaged in Frederick, MD, USA!
Featuring Real Peanut Butter
Great for Snacking and Training
NO Fillers, Additives or Preservatives