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Barn Yard Animal Catnip Toys / Barn Yarns

Chilly Dog

Regular price $ 2.99

These captivating characters are more than just toys; they’re a testament to the artistry and dedication of our talented artisan knitters from South America. Crafted with meticulous detail, each of these delightful animals is lovingly filled with organic catnip, ensuring your cat’s endless entertainment.

With a vast selection of unique characters to choose from, your pet will embark on countless adventures, from playful pouncing to contented cuddling. The BYA 50-Pack is the ultimate surprise package, delivering a variety of charming companions for your feline friend.

Treat your cat to an array of handcrafted wonder and organic catnip-filled bliss with this bundle of joy. Watch as your pet’s playtime is elevated to a new level of excitement, thanks to Chilly Dog’s beloved Barn Yarn Animals.