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WizSmart All Day Dry Premium Dog Pads ULTRA XL 14 pack


Regular price $ 17.99

WizSmart Ultra XL Training Pads are large and can hold 8+ cups of liquid. They are made to help reduce odor and feature a unique pet-friendly dog attractant to help train your pup. Each is made using recycled unused baby diapers and eco-friendly materials. It also features “Stay Put Tabs” that ensure the pad stays in place. For boy dogs, placing the pad at a 90-degree angle covers both the wall and the floor.

  • WizSmart pad holds 8 cups of liquid
  • Large 23.5” x 31.5” Pad.
  • Works by quickly absorbing urine; trapping and eliminating the unpleasant smell.
  • Features 4 patented “Stay Put Tabs” secure the pad to the floor and protects your home
  • Eco-Friendly