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WizSmart All Day Dry Premium Dog Pads SUPER 14 pack


Regular price $ 12.99

WizSmart's Super pads are 22.5x23" square with sealed edges to lock in liquid and odor. The repurposed fluff material can hold 5 cups of liquid, much more than traditional dog pads. Made from Recycled UNUSED baby diapers and eco-friendly materials!

  • GREAT VALUE – Lighter weight than their Ultra pads, this pad holds 5 cups of liquid and is perfect for small dogs, or indoor/outdoor pets.
  • ODOR CONTROL- Works by quickly absorbing urine; trapping and eliminating the unpleasant smell.
  • PUPPY POTTY TRAINING - Train your dog or puppy with a safe and unique pet-friendly dog attractant formula designed by our fragrance experts. Your dog is attracted and enticed to use WizSmart and will use it every time.
  • ADHESIVE PUPPY PADS - Put down once and you will see the WizSmart difference. No more pads being shredded and dragged across the room. The 4 patented "Stay Put Tabs" secure the pad to the floor and protect your home. The adhesive strips also allow you to secure the pad to the wall at a 90-degree angle to provide a natural male dog peeing stance.
  • PREMIUM HIGH-QUALITY ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - WizSmart saves over 240 million unused diapers every year. Instead of going to landfills we repurpose them and use the material in a  unique super absorbent blend to make a diaper quality pad.