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Ware Cat Toy Matatabi Seagrass Critter


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Matatabi is the Japanese name for a nontoxic vine called silver vine (Actinidia polygama) that drives cats wild. Not only do more felines react to matatabi than catnip, but the effect is said to be more intense. This is because matatabi has twice the amount of special oils than catnip making it more potent. Matatabi can come in sticks, powder, and crushed leaves; it can be used to enhance play by putting it into toys the same way you would catnip. You can also sprinkle the powder or leaves on cat furniture, scratchers, or let the cats play with the sticks as a toy on their own. Cats will roll, rub, drool, lick, and play around in a such a way that it has been nicknamed the Matatabi Dance.