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Puppy Bumper Medium

Puppy Bumpers

Regular price $ 9.99

Help prevent puppy runaways with the Puppy Bumpers Fence Blocker. This collar accessory is both fashionable and functional, with an award-winning, patented design that makes even the tiniest pups too fat to fit through openings in fences and gates. It’s easy to put on by simply attaching to your pup’s collar with built-in ribbon loops and securing with a button snap. No need to inflate anything, as it’s filled with a polyester fiberfill stuffing for optimum thickness. Then, when your curious puppy tries to escape, he’ll be gently “bumped” back into the safety of your yard by the puffy collar! No worries, it’s ultra-wearable since it’s made with 100% cotton material that’s also machine-washable for easy clean-up.

Key Benefits
  • Stuffed safety collar helps keep puppies and small dogs from fitting through fence or gate openings.
  • Filled with polyester fiberfill stuffing for the right amount of thickness to gently block escape-happy pups, without restricting movement.
  • Fits on your dog’s collar, and is easy to put on by slipping your pooch through neck hole, securing the ribbon loops, and snapping in the front.
  • Patented and award-winning design is ultra-wearable with 100% cotton, and is available in a fun and stylish pattern.
  • Made in the USA and is machine-washable so it’s easy to keep clean, and can be tumbled dry on low heat.