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Boxie Cat Pro Stain & Odor Stopper Scent Free 24 oz Bottle

Boxie Cat

Regular price $ 19.99

BoxiePro Stain & Odor Stopper ™ makes cleanup a scrub-free, hassle-free experience. This multi-surface cleaner is formulated with an advanced blend of probiotics that target any type of pet mess, both old and new, including cat urine, feces, pheromone marking, vomit and more. It eliminates the root cause of stains and odors, leaving behind no residues and helps prevent re-soiling. Stain Boost™ fights the toughest stains and is great for multi-pet households. This scent free formula is hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.

  • SCRUB-FREE, EASY TO USE: Removes all types of cat stains and odors
  • EXTRA STRENGTH PROBIOTIC-POWERED: Formulated with an advanced blend of probiotics that target any type of mess
  • STAIN BOOST™: Fights the toughest stains, both old and new!
  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Multi-surface cleaner for use on carpets, furniture, beds, and more!
  • HELPS PREVENT RE-SOILING: Reverses pheromone marking by eliminating all traces of previous soiling
  • 100% EFFECTIVE: No harsh chemicals, no residues, family-safe 
  • FRAGRANCE-FREE: Scent free formula, ideal for those who prefer no fragrance at all